Our Story

Meet the owners of Naked Kitchen – husband and wife duo, Ko and Nastasha. Naked Kitchen started back in May of 2012 by offering a monthly private dinner event by showcasing chefs who weren’t afraid to push the culinary envelope while cooking, plating and serving in full view of the guests around the Chef’s Table in the kitchen (hence the name Naked Kitchen).

In the beginning, we started with just a few chefs offering creative dinner events but soon the word got around and the venue became known in the industry as a place where chefs aspiring one day to open their own restaurants can create their own brand, build followers and fine-tune their business as the next progression in their culinary endeavors. Over the past decade, we have helped many chefs open iconic restaurants around the Bay Area also by raising capital for their new restaurants. While we continue to host popup dinners, we now specialize in hosting private, wedding, and corporate events that are truly unique and intimate for our guests.